Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bowling with Bar Graphs!

It's the first week back to school and y'all, it's true...there's no tired like teacher tired. Like for real. This week has been off to such a great start though! We have been so busy learning all about our rules, procedures and enjoying lots of group activities. 

One activity we have loved this week is Let's Bowl. 

We started off bowling as a whole group using pins and a bowling ball that my team and I borrowed from our gym. 
After each student bowled, they put a sticky note on the number of pins that they knocked down. 
To close out day 1, we looked at our graph and analyzed our data. 

On day 2, I put students in table groups to create their own graphs by recording their own data. We used plastic cup pins and a tennis ball to keep things size friendly for our table groups. 

After each student bowled, they recorded their data (the amount of pins they knocked down) on their graphs. 

You can download the recording sheet here. This game was such a blast and it was a great back to school activity to help establish group work rules! 

And, if you're interested in making your own plastic cup's a quick how to!
If you are looking for more engaging graph activities that gets your students up and moving, check out my Graphs on the Move pack below.

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