Monday, September 19, 2016

Building Numbers FREEBIES!!!

Last week in math we worked on building numbers to 20. I have several freebies that I wanted to share with you all.  I'll link them all at the very end of the post :) 

We spent the whole week as construction workers while we "built" our number sense.  I found construction hats for 99 cents at Hobby Lobby as well as the construction cones. I'm tellin' ya....throw in some real hats and accessories....and your kids attention and engagement is hooked! 

We started off identifying our numbers in standard form and in word form to 20. We completed this matching activity for independent practice. 
We also "built" number lines using these number nails. We started off building a number line on the board as a group.

Afterwards, I gave each table group nails that had the numbers 1-20 on them and they had to put them in order on their table's number line. I used duct tape for the number line on each table. 

For independent practice, we completed this number line cut and paste activity. 

Once we had our number identification and order down, we began constructing and building numbers. We made towers of 10s using unifix cubes. 
...and then compared our numbers (towers) to our friends. 
We used pipe cleaners to make comparison symbols. 

For independent practice we hauled numbers to the correct comparison symbol by identifying if the a number was greater or less than another number. 

And to add a little more challenge to our number building, we worked on expanded form by using these building mats. 
We used nuts, bolts, and screws (Chex Mix) to build our numbers.
And, as can find all these activities for FREE by downloading them HERE. 

Happy Monday friends!!


  1. Your students are having fun and learning a lot! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to try it out.

  2. Wow! Love these activities!!!!! My students are going to adore them! Thank you SO much for sharing!!!!

  3. Thank you for your generous freebie! You made my day!