Sunday, September 11, 2016

Scaredy Cat A

Last week we learned about the short a sound with our very first Phonics Friend, Scaredy Cat A
I told the class that we had a new friend coming to hang out with us for the week. They were immediately so excited. After showing them our new friend, I told them that Scaredy Cat A was here to teach us all about the short a sound. I told them that Scaredy Cat A says "aaaaaa" (as in the short a sound) because she is scared when she gets stuck between two consonants. Of course I really played it up and added lots of dramatic faces and sounds when telling them this. They thought it was hilarious!!! 
Afterwards, we used Scaredy Cat A to help us sound out basic short a cvc words. 
We also played Trap the Rat to build new words and nonsense words. 
After we had the short a sound down, we identified and sorted words that had the short a sound and words that did not. 
Then, we glued the short a words to a sentence strip....
and created this Scaredy Cat A hat.

Due to it being a short week, we did not get to all our short a activities, but we did wrap up our learning with building short a words using this interactive page
You can find all the activities above in my Don't Be a Scaredy Cat phonics friend pack here.
Next week, we are meeting Icky I! I can't wait!!! 

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