Thursday, September 8, 2016

What's the Scoop? (Main Idea and details)

This week in reading we are learning about identifying main idea and detailsMain idea and details can be one of those concepts that is tough for little learners annnnd not so exciting to teach. To get my students excited, I packed our reading time with lots of hands on and interactive learning

We started off watching this Brain Pop Jr video about Main Idea. Next, I gave each of my table groups different picture cards (details).  
Their table groups worked together and discussed what the main idea would be based on their cards (details). Once the groups had their main idea, they walked around the room and taped their details to the poster that had the matching main idea. 

As a quick review before starting our next activity, I had them tell me what the main idea would be with these detail cards. 

We also did this I'm Puzzled activity to practice main idea and details. They had to find their matching details...
 and decide what the main idea would be based on their details. They glued their details down, wrote what they were,...
 and identified their main idea. 

We also did What's the Scoop to identify our details and main idea. 

They've got it down! You can find all of these activities in my Tying Up Comprehension with Main Idea pack here. 

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