Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bat Research FREEBIE

Last week, we covered our research TEK, by researching bats. Between wearing costumes to school and having our Bat Museum, I failed at snapping pictures of us completing our research. #bummerinthesummer 

While completing our research, students recorded their learning in these bat foldables.  We worked on gathering information for these foldables all throughout the week. We used non-fiction books as well as Epic to complete our research. 
On the back of the foldables, we labeled the different parts of bats. 

You can find this bat research foldable for FREE, here

All of the first grade students completed a home project where they had to create a bat habitat diorama. Their dioramas had to include a bat, the bat's habitat, and food. These turned out SO amazing. I wish I could share all 100 of the dioramas. There were barns, caves, bridges, ..... just so many neat dioramas! 

On Friday, first grade displayed their dioramas and bat research foldables in the cafeteria for the First Grade Bat Museum. 

All the different grade levels in our school attended, as well as parents and staff. The kids were thrilled about showing off their dioramas and research! 

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  1. Hello! First of all, I LOVE your products! We are learning about bats this week and this freebie is perfect!

    I did have a question about the bat dioramas. Do you have this product in your TPT store...meaning the directions, etc...?