Friday, November 11, 2016

Catching up and beginning blends!

Y'all! October came and went. For real. Between fall parent conferences and life itself....blogging just didn't happen. So, I am going to do some MAJOR catching up today! There's a lot, so let's get started. 

In math, we learned about time to the hour and made these fun little sunflowers to display analog, digital, and word form. 

In writing, we learned about complete and incomplete sentences and created these free spiders

In phonics, we learned about beginning blends. We started off by meeting Chef Blend. She taught us the recipe for making a blend. 

We became chefs and combined 2 consonants together to make 1 sound. The kids loved wearing their chef hats and "blending" the sounds together. 

Afterwards, we added to our blends to our recipe books.

In stations, we sorted pictures by their beginning blends sounds and worked on word families with real and nonsense words in guided reading groups. 

We also worked on our fluency with blends by using these onset and rime slider cards. 

After completing these activities in reading groups, I placed them in our stations for this week. It has been a great way to continue our practice of reading and identifying beginning blends. 

Oh, and before I go....if you previously purchased my Cooking Up Blends pack, please re-download! These small group/station activities plus lots more have been added to the pack and the Phonics Friends bundle. 

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