Friday, January 27, 2017

Cooking Up Main Idea!

This week in reading we learned all about main idea and details. This is such a tricky concept to teach to the younger kiddos so keeping it fun and engaging for them is crucial! 

We started off getting our chef hats ready and put on so that we could start cooking in our kitchens (aka tables). 

Once we had our hats all set, I grouped my students in groups of 2. Each group got a recipe card. Their job was to read the recipe card and identify the main idea and details. 

Once they had their main idea and details identified, they started preparing their pizzas for oven! They glued down the toppings and labeled them with details from the story and placed the main idea in the middle. 

We had such a blast with this activity! You can find this activity in my Tying Up Comprehension with Main Idea pack here or by clicking the picture below. 
....and you can get a more detailed look at what all is included in the pack above by clicking here

Happy Friday!

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