Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tying Up Comprehension with Sequencing!

I wanted to pop in and share a quick look at some sequencing activities from my newest Tying Up Comprehension packThis pack *might* just be my favorite.

It is loaded with hands on activities to get your students excited about sequencing. 

I am going to let the descriptions in the pictures do most of the talking. First up, Bulls-Eye! This is such a fun activity! If you follow me on Instagram, I shared a video on how to play this game that you can find in my feed here. After reading a read aloud, students toss the bean bag and retell the part of the story that the bean bag lands on. 
You can find the bean bags here

I mean, what kid doesn't love play dough! 

Also included is Sequence Rope. After reading a read aloud, have students jump over a jump rope and retell the story. Afterwards, they can create this little craftivity to retell the story using sticky notes. 

My students love table races. Like for real love them, so I knew I had to incorporate a little challenge game in the pack. To play, set the timer to 1 minute (more or less time depending on level of students) and have your students work together as a table to put the picture cards and transition words in sequential order. Whichever table completes the order before the timer goes off, wins! After they complete one round, table groups rotate to a different table and order the cards at that table. The game continues until all table groups have been to each table. 

A few more activities included are...

There are 4 read aloud follow up craftivities included in the pack as well. 
Here's a quick look at them....

You can find all the activities above in my Tying Up Comprehension with Sequencing pack here or by clicking the picture below. 

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