Thursday, February 2, 2017

Make it Stick with Place Value

This week in math we have been working with place value from 100 - 120.  I don't know about y'all, but once numbers go past value gets a little tougher for the younger students. I wanted my students to have as much expose and practice to numbers as possible so that these numbers would not be so tough for them. Let's face it, worksheet practice just isn't going to be enough for our students - they need activities that are going to get them up, moving, engaged and excited about numbers! 

Here's an activity that we did today to practice place value with numbers greater than 100. 

I put my students in table groups (4 to a table) and wrote a different number on each table. 
I gave each table 6 sticky notes. Each table had a different color of sticky notes. (I made each tables sticky notes a different color so that I could easily see which tables had which number and which tables got it....and which tables needed additional practice).

I put hung different place value posters around the room.  

Students had to work together as a table group to write the answer to the poster using their table's number. After they had their answer, they stuck their sticky note to the correct poster. 

They loved this! 

You can download the posters here.

 ...and before I go, here's our predictions on whether or not Mr. Groundhog would see his shadow. My students were so bummed when they discovered that we have 6 more weeks of winter! BUMMER! This teacher is reading for Spring and flip flops! 


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