Sunday, April 30, 2017

End of Year Memory Books

End of Year Memory books are always so much fun for students to make! I love them! BUT....y'all know how the end of the year can be sometimes - BUSY! I find that I do not always get around to my students making these books each year because they take time, and with all of our end of year testing, etc...they just don't always get done. 

This year, I wanted something quick and fun for my students to make! SO, we are going to pick our top 5 things from the year and write about them in these "High 5 to My Top 5" books! 

I included 10 different "things" for my students to pick from. They will choose their top 5 and put those 5 in their books.

Afterwards, they will write about each of the 5 things they chose and then draw a picture. 

I included both boy and girl versions of the books for my students.

Can't wait to get my students started on making their End of Year Memory books

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