Friday, April 21, 2017

Plant Fun!

Whew. It's been a while. Just when I think I am ready to sit down and blog, BAM, life happens. SO, here I am! Fiiiiinally blogging! 

The past 2 weeks have been all about plants! I absolutely LOVE all things spring so I could NOT wait to get the ball rolling with this unit. We started off looking at seed, identifying their parts, and made these seed flip books. 

We also identified what plants need in order to grow and made these flowers. 

We wrote what the plants needed under each leaf. 

We also became gardeners and ordered the stages of the plant life cycle. 

We started our greenhouses. We used lima beans. They are the perfect seed for observing the different stages of the plant life cycle. 

We are recording the growth of the beans in our plant journals...

It is such a great book for showing what parts of plants we eat. After reading, we sorted vegetables by tops and bottoms. 

and lastly, we ate plants! We identified the parts of the plant that each vegetable was and recorded our observations of the vegetables using our 5 senses.

Y'all. This cracked me UP! They thought most of the veggies were DISGUSTING! 

We are wrapping up our plant unit next week with this Find a Friend activity. My students will glue the flower into their interactive journal and walk around the room and find friends that can write the answer to each petal. 

You can find all the activities above in my Plant Fun pack, here

....and if you previously own this pack, please redownload to access all the new activities! 

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