Saturday, August 12, 2017

My First Day was a Piece of Cake!

Hey y'all! Who is already prepping their first day of school?!? There is nothing better than the first day of school! So much excitement and butterflies!! 

I love to send my students home with something to show off our learning from the first day. As a Momma, I always ask my oldest..."how was your first day?!" I love hearing all about what they did! Over the past few years, one thing that my class always makes to show off their first day fun are these hats. 

I give my students the pieces to make the hats and the writing cards. We first make the hats and then add things that we have done throughout the day to the cards. We work on the hat throughout the day. 

Some years, we have made a book to show our learning from the first day but I gotta' say.....the hats are my favorite! 

These are so simple and fun for the first day. You can find this activity here. 

There are also templates for older grade levels so they can show off how their first day of school was a piece of cake! 

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